Lake Rainbow Weather
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Lake Rainbow Weather
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Sunrise:  7:34a Sunset: 6:56p

Current Conditions

Air Temperature   86.4F

Lake Water Temperature   84.0F

Rainfall   0.01in at 0.00 in/hr
Wind   4.0mph from the WSW
Humidity   76%

Wind Chill   86.4F

Heat Index   99.1F

Barometric Pressure   29.914 in and Falling Rapidly

  Station Info

Latitude   28 7' 6.672" N (28.118520 N)
Longitude   82 35' 53.91'' W (82.598308 W)
Elevation   43'

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Detailed Data


Current High Low Graphs*
Outdoor Temperature 86.4 F  87.7F at 2:29p  74.5F at 7:52a [24 hours]
[1 month]
[heating degree days - 24 hours]
[heating degree days - 1 month]
[cooling degree days - 24 hours]
[cooling degree days - 1 month]
Outdoor Humidity 76%
98%  at 7:29a 71%  at 12:58p [24 hours]
[1 month]
Dewpoint 77.9F
79.0F at 1:35p 74.0F at 1:55a [24 hours]
[1 month]
Wind Chill 86.4F
N/A 75.0F  at 3:29a [24 hours]
[1 month]
Heat Index 99.1F
100.0F  at 1:33p N/A [24 hours]
[1 month]
Barometric Pressure 29.914in  and Falling Rapidly 30.051in
[24 hours]
[1 month]
Wind Speed 4.0mph  from the WSW 10.0mph  at 2:09p N/A [24 hours]
[1 month]
[high wind - 24 hours]
[high wind - 1 month]
[wind direction - 24 hours]
[wind direction - 1 month]
[high wind direction - 24 hours]
[high wind direction - 1 month]
[air density - 24 hours]
[air density - 1 month]
  1 minute 2 minute 5 minute 10 minute
Average 3.0mph
High 5.0mph


N/A N/A [24 hours]
[1 month]

Rainfall Rate

0.01 in/hr at 6:00a Hourly High
[24 hours]
[1 month]


Parameter Monthly High Monthly Low Annual High Annual Low
Outside Temperature  91.9F  67.1F  93.9F  27.6F
Outdoor Humidity  98%  36%  99%  10%
Dewpoint  81.0F  55.0F  82.0F  13.0F
Wind Chill N/A  67.0F N/A  28.0F
Heat Index  107.0F N/A  112.0F N/A
Barometric Pressure  30.154in  29.683in  30.401in  29.632in
Wind Speed  29.0mph N/A  36.0mph N/A
Rainfall  1.59in N/A  44.43in N/A
Rainfall Rate  6.86in/hr N/A  33.88in/hr N/A


Parameter Value
Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous
Forecast Increasing clouds and cooler. Precipitation possible and windy within 6 hours


Rainfall History NOAA Monthly Report
NOAA Previous Month Report NOAA Annual Report
NOAA Previous Year Annual Report