Lake Rainbow Weather
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Lake Rainbow Weather
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10/27/14 Sunrise:  7:38a Sunset: 6:50p

Current Conditions

Temperature   80.7F
Rainfall   0.01in at 0.00 in/hr
Wind   3.0mph  from the SSE
Humidity   100%
Wind Chill   80.7F
Heat Index   91.6F
Barometric Pressure   30.012 in and Falling Rapidly

  Station Info

Latitude   28 7' 6.672" N (28.118520 N)
Longitude   82 35' 53.91'' W (82.598308 W)
Elevation   43'

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Detailed Data


Current High Low Graphs*
Outdoor Temperature 80.7 F  80.7F at 2:24p  61.3F at 7:37a [24 hours]
[1 month]
[heating degree days - 24 hours]
[heating degree days - 1 month]
[cooling degree days - 24 hours]
[cooling degree days - 1 month]
Outdoor Humidity 100% 100%  at 12:00a 100%  at 12:00a [24 hours]
[1 month]
Dewpoint 80.7F 81.0F at 2:17p 61.0F at 7:37a [24 hours]
[1 month]
Wind Chill 80.7F N/A 61.0F  at 7:37a [24 hours]
[1 month]
Heat Index 91.6F 92.0F  at 2:17p N/A [24 hours]
[1 month]
Barometric Pressure 30.012in  and Falling Rapidly 30.077in 29.977in [24 hours]
[1 month]
Wind Speed 3.0mph  from the SSE 10.0mph  at 1:28p N/A [24 hours]
[1 month]
[high wind - 24 hours]
[high wind - 1 month]
[wind direction - 24 hours]
[wind direction - 1 month]
[high wind direction - 24 hours]
[high wind direction - 1 month]
[air density - 24 hours]
[air density - 1 month]
  1 minute 2 minute 5 minute 10 minute
Average 2.1mph 1.9mph 2.0mph 1.4mph
High 4.0mph 5.0mph 5.0mph 5.0mph


0.01in N/A N/A [24 hours]
[1 month]

Rainfall Rate

0.00in/hr 0.01 in/hr at 4:00a Hourly High
[24 hours]
[1 month]


Parameter Monthly High Monthly Low Annual High Annual Low
Outside Temperature  89.0F  57.8F  93.4F  32.4F
Outdoor Humidity  100%  100%  100%  20%
Dewpoint  89.0F  58.0F  93.0F  10.0F
Wind Chill N/A  58.0F N/A  26.0F
Heat Index  144.0F N/A  154.0F N/A
Barometric Pressure  30.116in  29.796in  30.453in  29.631in
Wind Speed  21.0mph N/A  46.0mph N/A
Rainfall  2.07in N/A  55.19in N/A
Rainfall Rate  7.78in/hr N/A  48.00in/hr N/A


Parameter Value
Moon Phase Waxing Crescent
Forecast Increasing clouds and warmer. Precipitation possible within 12 to 24 hours Windy.


Rainfall History NOAA Monthly Report
NOAA Previous Month Report NOAA Annual Report
NOAA Previous Year Annual Report